Looking for other people to ride with so you can breeze through the Express Lanes and avoid tolls? Carpools and vanpools offer convenience, reduce time in traffic, and help you save money. Plus, when you carpool or vanpool you can join Guaranteed Ride Home to receive a free ride home up to four times per year in case of personal or family emergencies and unscheduled overtime. Register with Commuter Connections to find other people carpooling from your area who might match up with your commute and you could receive up to $130 through their program ‘Pool Rewards. Still curious about carpooling and vanpooling options? Contact us for personalized assistance. Do you commute on I-66? For a limited time traveling with 2 or more other people on the new I-66 HOV-3 Express Lanes can earn you up to $366 and a seat in a vanpool can cost as little as $150 per month. Find out more about these incentives through Transform66.

Regional Incentives and Programs

There are many available programs and incentives to support how you choose to move around the region. Check these out to find more ways to save money and make the most of your commute.

Receive Up to $700 for Sharing Your Ride

Interested in commuting with others? The region offers a number of programs that can help cover your costs of parking or commuting in a carpool or vanpool.

Vanpool Alliance can help you receive $300+ when you join or start a vanpool in Northern Virginia. If you travel on I-66 or I-395, you can receive additional funds towards the cost of parking your van near your work site.

Learn more about Vanpool Alliance

Commuter Connections offers ‘Pool Rewards which provides $200 per month for qualifying vanpools or up to $130 for new carpools during a 90-day period.

Learn more about ‘Pool Rewards

Guaranteed Ride Home

Guaranteed Ride Home ensures you’re never stranded without a way home from work by providing up to four (4) free rides home per year in cases of personal or family emergencies or unscheduled overtime. If you bike, take transit, carpool, or vanpool to work, make sure to register and renew annually so that you have a ride home when you need it most.

Register for Guaranteed Ride Home

Earn Cash While You Commute

Commuter Connections’ incenTrip helps you find new options to commute to work or for errands and helps you earn money while you bike, Metro, walk, or carpool to your destination. Receive up to $600 per year simply by logging your trips.

Sign up for incenTrip

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